How To Calculate Anna University Internal Marks

Calculate Anna University Internal Marks

This post provides all the about How To Calculate Anna University Internal Marks. We already provided details about Announcement of  Anna University internal mark (Internal mark 1,  Internal mark 2 and Internal mark 3 ). Now all students wish to know that how Anna University internal mark is calculated for 20. Anna University announced all the internal mark out of 100 but final internal mark is calculated only for 20. We have mentioned the details when Anna University final internal mark out of 20 mark will be announced.

To know when Anna University final internal mark out of 20 mark will be announced
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But we are not sure about the date that when will Announce its final internal mark . But if students want to know their mark instantly use below method to calculate internal mark put 20 for each subject

  • Step 1 : You need to know about your Attendance percentage . If not refer the details below to know about you attendance mark
Attendance percentage Marks for Attendance percentage
less than 75 %  0 Mark
Between 75 % to 80 % 1 Mark
Between 80 % to 85 % 2 Mark
Between 86 % to 90 % 3 Mark
Between 91 % to 95 % 4 Mark
Between 96 % to 100 % 5 Mark
  • Step 2 : Then Calculate your Attendance mark out of 5. In Anna University web portal there will be four report period in that report period there will be Total Period and Attended Period. Using This details we calculate the Attendance mark out of 5 as i had done below
Attendance Period for Single Subject Total Period Attended Period
Report Period 1 19 17
Report Period 2 14 13
Report Period 3 13 13
Report Period 4 10 10
Total Attendance Period for Single Subject (19+14+13+10) = 56 (17+13+13+10) = 53

after this you need to calculate Attendance mark out of 5. This can be done by using following method

( Attended Period divided by Total Period ) Multiplied by 100

Attendance Percentage  Internal Mark
Total Attendance Mark  (53/56) Multiplied by 100 = 94.6
Final Attendance Mark out of 5   94.1 = 4 Marks

94.1 = 4 marks as per attendance mark mentioned in Step 1

  • Step 3 : Then now you need to calculated internal mark out 15.  To do this collect your internal mark for a subject ( you can collect your internal mark for Report period 2, Report period 3 and Report period 4 from Anna University web portal). After Collecting marks use the calculation method below
Name of the Test Assignment or inter marks out of 100 Assignment or inter marks converted to 5
Report Period 2
94 (94/100) Multiplied By 5=(4.7>=4.5) =5
Report Period 3  90 (90/100) Multiplied By 5=(4.5>=4.5) =5
Report Period 3  97 (97/100) Multiplied By 5=(4.85>=4.5)=5
Total Internal mark out of 15  5 + 5 + 5= 15

Finally i have calculated internal mark out of 15. Here i have used 5 instead of 4.5 this is because if the mark is 4.5  which is greater tan or equal to 4.5 you can convert it in to 5  if you scored 4.3 which is less than 4.5 so you need to convert 4.3 into 4. 

  • Step 4 : Finally you need to Calculate internal mark out of 20. This can be done by adding final marks obtained in step 3 ( Marks Out of 15 ) and final marks obtained in step 2 ( Marks Out of 5 ).

Total internal mark out of 20 = Total mark out of 5 mark  and Total mark out of 15 mark
= 4+15 =19 Marks

Final internal mark you obtained is 19 marks out of 20 marks

Anna University Internal Mark Calculator :

If feel hard to do all the above calculations there is simple way. Use freshupdates Internal Mark calculator (This calculator will help you to calculate your internal mark. All you have do is that enter the mark and click on calculate button )

Anna University Internal Mark Calculator
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Anna University odd semester results November / December 2013
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