Anna university internal mark assessment

Internal mark is calculated for 20 marks. For each subject 20 mark is allotted as internal. Each colleges is announcing different pattern (Their own pattern) for calculating internal. Many students have feel that internal mark is not allotted based on the  students performance .

To Stop all this Anna university had announced new pattern for internal assessment. This pattern provides clear view how internal mark is calculated for each subject. Anna university internal mark is calculated based on three concepts

  • Internal Test or Unit Test
  • Model Examination
  • Attendance Percentage
  1. Internal Test or Unit Test : This test will be conducted for 50 marks or  100 marks. For each subject this test will be conducted. As per new  internal mark assessment, Ann university only considers two (2) internal or unit test. As per Anna University one half of the mark (10 marks) is for internal or unit test.
  2. Model Examination : This Examination is conducted as the last exam with over all portion of the Subject. Date for conducting model exam will be announced by Anna university. Anna University has allotted 5 marks for Model examination
  3. Attendance Percentage : 5 marks is allotted for attendance percentage. Internal marks for attendance for each students is produced to Anna University by respective colleges.

Note that there is regular interval of time for Updating marks and attendance in Anna university web portal. Each college have to upload Internal marks and attendance in web portal with in the Particular date . Date for uploading will be decided Anna University. Generally Attendance percentage is uploaded per month in web portal .

Details about Anna university internal mark assessment

Mark Given Below is for Examination connected by colleges

Unit Test 1 : 5 Mark
Unit Test 2 : 5 Mark
Model Examination : 5 Marks

Mark Given Below is for Attendance Percentage

100 Percentage to 96 Percentage : 5 mark
95 Percentage to 91 Percentage : 4 marks
90 Percentage to 86 Percentage : 3 marks
85 Percentage to 81 Percentage : 2 marks
80 Percentage to 76 Percentage : 1 mark
Less Than or equal to 75 Percentage :  0 marks

Anna University odd semester results November / December 2013 :

Additional to information about Anna university internal mark assessment get update’s about  the Anna University odd semester results November / December  2013 . We have already updated the details of the Anna university 3rd 5th and 7th semester results November / December 2013. Use the link we provided below

Anna university 3rd, 5th and 7th semester results November / December 2013
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