Anna university final internal mark out of 20

Anna University  has announced first second and third internal mark out of 100 marks. Anna university is updating the students about their marks in each internal.  Due to this students can know about their internal mark and performance in each test. So that students can improve their performance in fourth cumming test. To know about internal mark in 3 test use the link below.

Latest updates in Anna University Internal mark

Now i had posted the details about Anna University Internal Marks for Nov/Dec 2013. After Announcing the result for 3rd 5th and 7th semester Anna University has made some changes in Internal mark

To Know what is the details updated and What changes had done by Anna University
Click Here

  Third Internal mark

To get details about third internal mark (Report Period IV)
Click Here

  Second Internal mark

To get details about Second internal mark (Report Period III)
Click Here

  First Internal mark

To get details about First internal mark (Report Period II)
Click Here

Anna university final internal mark out of 20

Till now Anna university has announced marks for  three internals (marks for 3 internal is out of 100). Anna University wish that final  Internal mark (final mark for out of 20) has to be know by each student to prepare well for Semester examination. So Anna university had planned to announce internal mark for each subject out of 20. Remember that you need to score minimum 14 marks out of 20 if you failed to score 14 marks in internal then you need to score more marks in external examination .We had no official  information that when will Anna University update final internal mark in its web portal. But Soon It will be updated in web portal.

Anna University final internal mark announced:

Students Anna university Final internal mark out of 20 is announced  today (06.01.2014). So students can get the details about the Internal mark in the Anna University web Portal

  • Once if you logged in to the Anna University web Portal  with your account
  • Click on “ Absentees  & Internal Mark Details  ”
  • Once If you click on the option” Absentees  & Internal Mark Details  ” it will take you to the page which contains ” Anna university final internal mark out of 20 
  • To get in to the web portal click on the link below.

Web Portal link

Here we had give link to web portal . Visit this web portal frequently to get the information about final internal mark out of 20. To get in to web portal
Click Here

Anna University Internal Mark Calculator :

If need to know your internal mark before Anna University Announces. Use freshupdates Internal Mark calculator (This calculator will help you to calculate your internal mark. All you have do is that enter the mark and click on calculate button )

Anna University Internal Mark Calculator
Click Here

Anna University odd semester results November / December 2013 :

Additional to final internal marks get update’s about  the Anna University odd semester results November / December  2013 . We have already updated the details of the Anna university 3rd 5th and 7th semester results November / December 2013. Use the link we provided below

Anna university 3rd, 5th and 7th semester results November / December 2013
Click Here

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